photo by the click chick photography

photo by the click chick photography

7 things to know about Alicia!

  1. You should be friends with Alicia because she always brings champagne!
  2. Her typical bar order is champagne.
  3. Her guilty pleasure is also champagne.
  4. Alicia's greatest fear is her champagne hand being champagne-less.
  5. Obvi her favorite holidays are any she can find an excuse to pour some champagne! 
  6. Her bucket is consists of diving into a pool filled with champagne.
  7. Champagne is literally always her answer.

No wonder her & Sara are besties!

contact the queen of champs :

Alicia Wallace

Chief Operations Officer

She dreams of living in a world where champagne is always an acceptable order, LSU always wins the National Championship {GEAUX TIGERS!} and she always gets the whole week of Mardi Gras off. If it wasn't obvious enough, she's from Louisiana.

50% of the time Alicia's main job with Revolution is as Sara's sounding board for all her wild ideas. The other half of the time she's working her magic as Director of Operations. With organizing, planning & designing coming naturally to her and an uncanny ability to make our vendors feel appreciated and valued, Alicia is the perfect person to produce and manage our over the top Wedding Tours!