How to Plan Your Wedding with Revolution Wedding Tours | Wedding Venue Tours | Charleston, Savannah, Atlanta, Memphis, Tampa, New Orleans Bridal Show Alternative

Good morning, loves! Today we're talking about how Revolution Wedding Tours can help you plan your upcoming wedding no matter where you are in the planning process! If you're engaged and looking for help planning your upcoming wedding, this is the one bridal show alternative you simply cannot miss.

1. The Venue! If you haven't yet found the perfect venue for your upcoming nuptials, we take you on a chauffeured tour of four super different locations. All you need to do is show up on time and we do the rest. And better yet, they're all totally set up to help you visualize your Big Day even easier!

2. Find the Perfect Vendors! Even if you've already found your perfect venue, now you need to fill it with the perfect vendor team! We introduce you to photographers, caterers, cake experts, bar service companies, floral experts, paper designers, rental vendors, wedding planners, hair & makeup artists, bridal & menswear boutiques and even musicians & DJs! And the bar is open. Grab a drink, snag a slice of cake and find the perfect wedding vendor team!

3. Ideas, Ideas, Ideas! Sometimes it's hard to tell what some of those super trendy ideas you're seeing online and in magazines will look like in real life, right? Well here is your chance to EXPERIENCE Pinterest in person, folks. Not to mention that our vendors are some of the biggest trend-setters in your area. You'll see designs that haven't even hit Pinterest yet! We've got everything from custom signage and favors to welcome bags and invitations and SO MUCH MORE. Each venue stop features a unique ceremony AND reception design! The tables are fully set with linens, china & flowers. The model couples are styled to the nines. And the cakes are ready to be tasted! There really is something for every different style and taste on our Tour.

4. Even the fellas get ideas! When Mr. Revolution and I were planning our wedding, I managed to drag him to a traditional bridal show once...and when I mentioned going to a second one, he told me he'd rather get drafted into the Hunger Games than get stuck going again. I mean, those shows are not exactly fun for dudes, amiright?! But we actually aim to engage & inspire the guys as well as the ladies {gasp!} on our Tours. Seriously though, how about that dope Teddy Roosevelt inspired Man Lounge with the live cigar roller we did at Boone Hall? Or the uh-maze-balls Bacon Bar at Striped Pig Distillery? And cars. We show off some of the coolest cars this side of the Ashley River.

5. Transportation! Check out some of the best transportation options this fine city has to offer. From larger vehicles to use for the entire wedding party to sleek, unique getaway cars, we cover them all.

6. Destination Wedding Planning Experts! It's no secret that RWT is the perfect option for destination brides and grooms. That's actually one of the reasons we first started doing these Tours. If you only have a few days in your destination city to plan an entire wedding, you need to maximize your time, right? Well, what better way to maximize your time than a guided tour where you get to meet with 40+ wedding pros all in just one short afternoon?! We have some of the finest wedding planners in the city on the Tour as well so make sure you chat with them and set up a consultation with ones you love before you head home! Trust me, if you're planning a destination wedding you need a wedding planner. I mean, I'd suggest a wedding planner no matter what, but especially if you're a destination bride or groom!

There's a Revolution coming to a city near you so snag your tickets now to save your seat!

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