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5 things to know about Madeline!

  1. She'd most like to have a drink with Mia Hamm, the G.O.A.T and the main reason Mad believed she could play soccer.
  2. 5 weeks studying abroad changed her go-to bar order, Budweiser, and left her with a weakness for Bulmer's Irish Cider, a tasty brew found in most Irish pubs.
  3. Her favorite holiday is Thanksgiving because her huge Italian family gets together for food, food and more food!
  4. The 3 biggest things on her Bucket List are: open her own bakery (and win lots of awards!), visit Sicily to learn more about her family and their roots, and throw out the first pitch at a St. Louis Cardinals game with the greatest catcher of all time behind the plate (Yadi! Yadi!!).
  5. Given the opportunity she'd max out her credit card at Home Goods...on cake stands! She owns more cake stands than any human being really should.

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Madeline Bunn

Director of Production

Madeline {aka Mad Bunn}, our resident sports-a-holic, wants to live in a world where cannolis and creme brulee are their own food group and there's no such thing as the "off season" when it comes to pro hockey, baseball or football. Currently calling Savannah, GA home, sweet Madeline has lived all over the East Coast from Nashville, TN to Hartford, CT to Roanoke, VA straight on down to Kennesaw, GA a suburb of Atlanta. Although she's our newest member of the tribe, it feels like she's been here since Day 1. 

As a Production Wizard, she's helping run the business side of things with Sara and on Tour weekends she's nothing short of an omnipresent mind-reader; she's behind the scenes pitching in to help the tribe wherever she sees the need from styling props to straightening flatware & pressing napkins at the venues to giving fantastic creative input and making sure Sara always has an iced coffee in hand, we weren't kidding when we called her a wizard!

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