Our Story.

Launched in 2015 with only $300 in her pocket and nothing more than a wild idea, Sara Skinner combined her years of experience in event planning & design with a desire to inspire engaged couples while connecting them with amazing wedding pros. As a wedding vendor herself, the thought of paying money to do another bridal show in a convention center filled with boring ass, cookie cutter booths was only slightly less desirable than getting drafted into the Hunger Games. She knew there simply had to be a better way.

So she started a Revolution.

Who We Are.

We're a quirky tribe of weirdos fueled by a passion for producing over-the-top wedding tours packed with inspiration and promoting small businesses by connecting engaged couples with top local wedding vendors. Our office is a dining room table. All work days include family style Italian suppers and rowdy exchanges of jokes, ideas and zombie apocalypse plans. Champagne & lemon peppa chicken are acceptable breakfast orders. Coffee is a love language. And there's no such thing as a bad idea.

We're more than a team, we're family.

We invite you to get to know the #RevWeds family. We're weird. You've been warned.

Crazy enough to want to join us? Check out our Employment page for current job opportunities.

All of the awesome map images below courtesy of Molly Mattin, Illustrator & Designer, and are available for purchase in her Etsy shop!

<-- And look what a cute kid she was!

 photo by the click chick photography

photo by the click chick photography

8 things to know about Sara!

  1. Champagne qualifies as a food group to Sara
  2. The one person from history she'd most like to booze it up with is George Washington. This super nerd went to history camp as a kid {yes, it's a thing!} and followed in the footsteps of old G Dubs through the whole Tri-State Area.
  3. Harry Potter & coffee are her love languages.
  4. Her Zombie Apocalypse Team would consist of her handsome hubby, Tony, Professor Dumbledore, Chuck Norris, Dora the Explorer (dude, she's got everything in her backpack!), and Khal Drogo. Hey, nobody said my team had to be realistic!
  5. Sara's Patronus is a Wolf; this loyal, Type-A, Alpha is at her best when surrounded by her pack and fierce when it comes to protecting the ones she loves.
  6. 5 places she wants to visit in her lifetime are San Fele, Italy (where her family came from before coming to America), Budapest, Bali, Morocco and the Pyramids.
  7. She has an irrational fear of being eaten by a Mac Truck while passing one on the highway.
  8. Her Bucket List includes diving with Great White Sharks, sledding in the Alps, walking the Great Wall, meeting Martha Stewart and exploring Europe by train with her hubby and the little man.

contact G Dubs : sara@revolutionweddingtours.com

Sara Skinner


Sara {aka G. Dubs} is the sassy smart mouth, wild hearted girl-boss and creative genius behind Revolution Wedding Tours. This Jersey Girl wants to live in a world where her Hogwarts acceptance letter came on time, sarcasm & champagne burns calories and Pinterest projects turn out just like the pictures. As CEO she handles all the big-picture decisions for Revolution like where we're heading next, who to partner with and all the other businessy stuff that goes along with her fancy-pants, grown up title. 

She's had her work on the covers of magazines, been published all over the place (insert lots of big names being dropped here) and even owns another company, Scarlet Plan & Design.

When she's not doing super cool, grown up stuff she's hanging with her main squeeze & handsome hubby, Tony, and their sweet little man, Matty, in sunny Charleston, SC.

 All maps by Molly Mattin

All maps by Molly Mattin

 photo by the click chick photography

photo by the click chick photography

7 things to know about Alicia!

  1. You should be friends with Alicia because she always brings champagne!
  2. Her typical bar order is champagne.
  3. Her guilty pleasure is also champagne.
  4. Alicia's greatest fear is her champagne hand being champagne-less.
  5. Obvi her favorite holidays are any she can find an excuse to pour some champagne! 
  6. Her bucket is consists of diving into a pool filled with champagne.
  7. Champagne is literally always her answer.

No wonder her & Sara are besties!

contact the queen of champs : alicia@revolutionweddingtours.com

Alicia Wallace

Chief Operations Officer

She dreams of living in a world where champagne is always an acceptable order, LSU always wins the National Championship {GEAUX TIGERS!} and she always gets the whole week of Mardi Gras off. If it wasn't obvious enough, she's from Louisiana.

50% of the time Alicia's main job with Revolution is as Sara's sounding board for all her wild ideas. The other half of the time she's working her magic as Director of Operations. With organizing, planning & designing coming naturally to her and an uncanny ability to make our vendors feel appreciated and valued, Alicia is the perfect person to produce and manage our over the top Wedding Tours!

madeline bunn revolution wedding tours

5 things to know about Madeline!

  1. She'd most like to have a drink with Mia Hamm, the G.O.A.T and the main reason Mad believed she could play soccer.
  2. 5 weeks studying abroad changed her go-to bar order, Budweiser, and left her with a weakness for Bulmer's Irish Cider, a tasty brew found in most Irish pubs.
  3. Her favorite holiday is Thanksgiving because her huge Italian family gets together for food, food and more food!
  4. The 3 biggest things on her Bucket List are: open her own bakery (and win lots of awards!), visit Sicily to learn more about her family and their roots, and throw out the first pitch at a St. Louis Cardinals game with the greatest catcher of all time behind the plate (Yadi! Yadi!!).
  5. Given the opportunity she'd max out her credit card at Home Goods...on cake stands! She owns more cake stands than any human being really should.

contact mad bunn: madeline@revolutionweddingtours.com

Madeline Bunn

Director of Production

Madeline {aka Mad Bunn}, our resident sports-a-holic, wants to live in a world where cannolis and creme brulee are their own food group and there's no such thing as the "off season" when it comes to pro hockey, baseball or football. Currently calling Savannah, GA home, sweet Madeline has lived all over the East Coast from Nashville, TN to Hartford, CT to Roanoke, VA straight on down to Kennesaw, GA a suburb of Atlanta. Although she's our newest member of the tribe, it feels like she's been here since Day 1. 

As a Production Wizard, she's helping run the business side of things with Sara and on Tour weekends she's nothing short of an omnipresent mind-reader; she's behind the scenes pitching in to help the tribe wherever she sees the need from styling props to straightening flatware & pressing napkins at the venues to giving fantastic creative input and making sure Sara always has an iced coffee in hand, we weren't kidding when we called her a wizard!

revolution wedding tours georgia
 photo by mary-kathryn mcconaghy

photo by mary-kathryn mcconaghy

3 things to know about Sean!

  1. Believe it or not, his guilty pleasure is Taylor Swift!
  2. His favorite holiday is Thanksgiving because the only thing he has to worry about is eating!
  3. Top 3 places he wants to see in his lifetime are Australia, New Zealand & Alaska.

contact sean: sean@revolutionweddingtours.com

Sean Hooper

Chief Financial Officer | Production Manager

This South Carolina native wants to live in a world where all he has to do is hit CTRL-F and magically find anything he's misplaced. As the official #RevWeds CFO he handles the numbers for the Tours, but mostly he keeps us from spending all our money on lemon peppa chicken & champagne. And as a Production Manager he does an excellent job working hand-in-hand with our vendors while juggling installs across the South with us, but mostly he brings the good vibes to our weekly team dinners at Sara's house and keeps our train on the tracks!


4 Things to know about Ruth!

  1. You should be friends with Ruth because you'll laugh a little harder, cry a little less and smile a whole lot more!
  2. Her childhood nickname was "Poop". No joke. And, yes, there's a story there.
  3. She's likely to max out her credit card at Macy's if there's a great shoe sale! #obvi
  4. Her Big 3 on her Bucket List are skydiving, attend the Olympics, and ride a double decker bus in London with her mom.

contact ruthie: ruth@revolutionweddingtours.com

Ruth Hawley

Social Media Ninja | Production Manager

This sweet Southern Belle wants to live in a world where everything is monogrammed and nobody thinks its weird to break into song and dance just because. Well, lucky for her WE don't find it weird at all and regularly act as her backup singers!

Creative and organized, Ruth effortlessly wears multiple hats for Revolution, from designing stunning production templates and rocking out our social media to seeking talented new vendors across the country and creating stylish and on-trend design inspiration boards to share with our vendor teams. What can't this girl do?!