We want real couples to model on our Tours!

We're always on the look out for fabulous real life couples and their friends to be our models on the Tour in different cities. Couples can be engaged, newlyweds, even married for years and years, the only requirement is that they're friendly, must be madly in love and in a relationship serious enough for things to not get weird when y'all dress up in your wedding day's finest! Friends and family members are welcome to nominate models too!

There's no compensation buuuuuuuut you get to play dress up, have a crazy good time hanging with us for the day, get lots of gorgeous pictures taken (that you get to keep afterwards!) and score a couple free tickets to give to your friends to take the Tour! What's not to love?!

If you're down to play dress up, eat free cake and have a TON of fun fill out the application below and email a couple photos of you and your honey to Taylor@RevolutionWeddingTours.com. Also, the clothes our models wear are typically standard sample sizes so we need to know your sizing when filling out the application. Please provide as much detailed information as possible below.

If we have an opening that seems like a good fit we'll be in touch!

Name *
Partner's Name
Partner's Name
How long have you been together? What's your favorite thing about your sweetie? Do you have pets or kids?
Street size for tops and pants, please!
If you don't know them, just provide us with his suit size or shirt & pants sizes.
It's OK to rock your body art with us!
If possible, please include your tattoos in the photos you send over with your application. Thanks!