photo by catherine ann photography

photo by catherine ann photography

5 things to know about Greg

  1. His go-to bar order is either a gin & tonic or a Manhattan.
  2. Greg's Bucket List includes: skydiving, taking over the world and writing a book.
  3. His Zombie Apocalypse Team would be made up of Reese Witherspoon, Johnny Depp, Denzel Washington, Marky Mark & Ariana Grande (really, Greg?).
  4. When he eventually travels the world he'd most like to see Budapest, Sicily & New Zealand.
  5. His guilty pleasure is anything sweet. This guy LOVES sugar!

Greg Keys

Production Manager

Recognize this cutie from the Winter/Spring cover of Southern Bride Magazine? This sugarholic, singing male model from Rochester wants to live in a world where its totally acceptable to carry your Casio keyboard with you everywhere and break into song at the drop of a hat. As a Production Manager, he tends to wear a lot of hats but always does so with a smile on his face happy to keep pushing Revolution to the next level.