photo by mary-kathryn mcconaghy

photo by mary-kathryn mcconaghy

3 things to know about Sean!

  1. Believe it or not, his guilty pleasure is Taylor Swift!
  2. His favorite holiday is Thanksgiving because the only thing he has to worry about is eating!
  3. Top 3 places he wants to see in his lifetime are Australia, New Zealand & Alaska.

contact sean:

Sean Hooper

Chief Financial Officer | Production Manager

This South Carolina native wants to live in a world where all he has to do is hit CTRL-F and magically find anything he's misplaced. As the official #RevWeds CFO he handles the numbers for the Tours, but mostly he keeps us from spending all our money on lemon peppa chicken & champagne. And as a Production Manager he does an excellent job working hand-in-hand with our vendors while juggling installs across the South with us, but mostly he brings the good vibes to our weekly team dinners at Sara's house and keeps our train on the tracks!