Who can take a Wedding Tour?

#RevWeds Tours are for everyone planning a wedding. And we mean it.

Are you engaged? Are you in the #weddingsquad helping plan a wedding? Do you blog about weddings? Or maybe you just reeeeeally love wedding cake, booze and bad dance moves? Are you scouting us for a super awesome reality show cuz we're hilarious? Then you should take our Tour!

No matter where you are in the planning process, whether you're starting at the very beginning and need a venue filled with all the perfect vendors, or you've already done a bit of planning and just need to fill in the blanks with top wedding pros, #RevWeds has something for everyone. 


We firmly believe it doesn't matter who you love, all that matters is that you love; we are proud supporters of marriage equality and welcome EVERYONE to take our Tours. No couple in love will ever be turned away or discriminated against by us or our Featured Vendors based on race, age, religion, orientation or anything else - brides & grooms, brides & brides, grooms & grooms - all are welcome with Revolution.

We do ask any wedding vendors attending as guests to refrain from handing out any personal marketing materials out of respect for our amazing vendors. If you are a wedding vendor interested in having your business featured on our Tour, we ask that you apply here to join the fun!